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Dewalt Batteries

Dewalt batteries are the number one batteries for the number one cordless power tools. Whenever it comes to power tools Dewalt is always at the top of the list. Dewalt is considered the tool of professionals because of their quality and because the professional is who Dewalt marketed to. Eventually, the Dewalt Corporation was purchased by Black and Decker, the maker of Firestorm and Versapak cordless power tools as well as tons of other tools and appliances.

Craftsman Batteries

Everyone has heard of Craftsman tools. Sears is the sole owner of the trademark Craftsman and the term relates to tools. Dewalt sells their batteries through many distributors, but Craftsman is available only through Sears stores and catalog sales. If someone other than Sears if offering a Craftsman brand battery it is a compatible or a used battery. Many companies sell Chinese batteries as Craftsman batteries, but they are not the real thing. Remember, only Sears can sell a genuine Craftsman battery or Craftsman cordless power tool.


Milwaukee Batteries

Milwaukee batteries come in many shapes, sizes, voltages, and capacities. Not all Milwaukee batteries come from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Actually, most Milwaukee batteries come from China. You have to laugh at that, but China can produce toxic NiCad batteries much cheaper than the USA and therefore produce most of the replacement nicad batteries being sold today. I wouldn't be surprised if most Milwaukee cordless power tools are also produced in China.


Ryobi Batteries

Ryobi batteries are cheap in comparison to Dewalt or Craftsman batteries. That is because Ryobi is typically a low end product. Ryobi cordless power tools are not designed with the professional in mind, but rather the homeowner or handyman. Dewalt and Makita power tools can really take a beating and keep working. Ryobi cordless power tools usually cannot stand up to professional punishment.

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